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Monday, April 15, 2013

Why I Love Thrift Stores

I was just minding my own business...I was driving when I felt a pull...a magnetic force was pulling me to go to my old haunt, Treasures.  

Its a teeny tiny thrift shop in Richmond Hill which is affiliated to a local church.  

I hadn't been to Treasures in a while so when I felt this zombielike trance take hold of me, I let it!

I opened the door, said my 'hello's' to the regular staff, turned to the 'nostalgia' counter and started my overall scan (before I focus in on the individual items).  

I didn't get to the focus part!  My eyes locked in on something I hadn't seen since I was 6 or 7 years old!  My heart skipped a beat or maybe three!  There on the shelf was this beauty:


The ladies in the shop thought I was having a seizure!  

It was in pretty good shape!  I turned the price tag over, and it was $10.  Typical.  They KNOW its a gem!  They know some psycho baby boomer (borderline Zoomer) would pay insane money to walk down memory lane!

Practically crying, I grabbed it and hugged it!  

I don't smoke! If I smoked I'd be spending $10 a day on cigarettes, so what if I spent my cigarette money on a plastic doll case from 1970 instead! Its healthier for me anyway! 

But wait! Its not light enough to be empty...could it be?

I unsnaped the cover, slowly opened it, took a breath and opened my eyes and ...


Now, my dawn had long straight dirty blonde hair, but that face was exactly as I remembered her!  

I LOVED my Dawn doll!

I was visiting my lovely lovely Great Aunt Hannah (sniff sniff, she passed away four years ago) in Fairlawn New Jersey, when she bought me one (gasp)!  I didn't leave the bedroom that entire trip!  I just played with my little Dawn doll.  Did I mention I LOVED her?  I don't know what ever happen to that doll (my Mom probably threw her out...but I'm blocking that memory out!).

I don't know what this dolls name is (its part of the Topper Dawn collection) but I don't care.  If anyone knows, please let me know.

Mine had this dress too!

The top of this one is all shredded, but I don't care.  It still takes me back to Sonny and Cher, and Tony Orlando and Dawn, and my young parents, and my wonderful Great Aunt Hannah's Fairlawn NJ house.

What a lovely way to spend $10!  I smiled all the way home, and every time I walk by the box, it makes me giddy!  I forget about my fathers dementia, and remember my young father, on summer vacation from University.  I forget my tired, limping mother and remember a young laughing woman.  

I'd forgotten this doll for all these years, but she's back in my life now!


  1. I am so happy that you and your doll are reunited once again. I think her name is Gloria. I had her too and had to rebuy her as an adult too. Isn't it fun to find something from your childhood that held such fun memories? I loved my Dawn dolls. Did you have the Gary doll? Oh the case is fantastic too.


  2. Oh! Such a beautiful doll! I understand you perfectly. I have a favorite doll of my childhood too and I have bought more similar ones in recent times. I'll share them soon. It's not easy being a... collector? hoarder? haha

  3. Isn't it funny how something so small can bring you back in time? I would have bought them, too, since I have a hankering for small things....and toys. :)

  4. This is "Glori" not "Gloria." Common mistake! She was released in 1970 by Topper Toys. Mattel released their own line of 6" dolls, to compete with the successful Topper Dawn Doll line in 1971-"Rockflowers." Your Glori is wearing a Rockflowers' pantsuit. So your former owner must have played with and owned both sets....we all did! The red skirted gown is a "Fluted Flutter." It was sold being worn by "Maureen," one of the last dolls Topper was able to introduce (1972). The company would go bankrupt a year later, 1973. One of the reasons Dawn Dolls are regaining popularity in the collecting world, she was sold for only 4 years. Another reason? They are just so dang cute!

    1. Cathleen, You are a wealth of information! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with me :) I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to give me some insight on things I love/value. Thanks again :)


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