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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Crochet Tablecloth Curtains

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Recently I went through my stash of junk and realized that I had substantial amounts of vintage white crocheted tablecloths (actually I also have a stash of beige ones too).  You know the ones.  You see tons of them at thrift shops, usually for a pretty good price.

Yeah, these ones!  I always buy them, thinking that one day I'll make some really cool bohemian looking bedspread or something mindbogglingly creative!  Usually they just sit there in a growing heap.  

Also, do you remember all the fabric rose tutorials around last year?  I made one.

Or two

hundred.  So when I needed curtains for the transom above my front door and the two narrow windows on either side of it (I'm sure there is some technical architectural name for them),  I thought I would use up some of my junk treasured collections/creations!  It was extremely easy. 

For the transom, I just cut measured how long I wanted each panel (allowing room for hemming the top, and some draping allowance).  Then I cut that much from each end of the tablecloth (the width from each side).  This gave me two pieces that were finished on three sides and a long side which was just cut crochet.  

Next I hand stitched (while watching tv) the top into a nice neat hem.  

Then I clipped each panel onto the curtain rods Mr. Husband had screwed in for me.  I used clip rings, but you can easily slide the hem right onto the rod and avoid the extra cost of rings).

Once That was done, I just clipped a rosette into each clip!  Voila!  In the photo below, you can see that the bottom and sides have a nice crocheted border, and the top is the hem.

Forgive the dark photo!  I have a nice camera, but I'm still not used to using it!  My iPhone is just so handy!

Close up.  So easy and cheap!

For the side windows I used crocheted runners and doilies which are usually a buck or two at the Value Village, and hand stitched them together to create the length I needed.  I also added some overlap for interest, and used some beige pieces as well.  Then, you just hand hem the top and bottom with enough room for a rod.

In this photo nicer side faces outside on the side panels.

This was a really inexpensive way of giving my front door vintage character.  It looks gorgeous from outside, especially at night when the interior lights are on.

Cheap and pretty!  And I didn't buy new!  Unless I have oodles of cash to buy from designer sources, I hate buying stuff from big box stores.  No character!  This has character, and it stayed out of a garbage fill.  

Have a great day!

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  1. It looks absolutely beautiful! How funny, I just got back from the thrift store and Hobby Lobby with some great stuff, including an old lace curtain panel that I pinned up in my bathroom window, and a vintage lace lined tablecloth that I can't decide what to do with. Tablecloth or window treatment...hmmm.

    Your's looks so pretty. We have that funky side window by our front door too. I like it open but hubby wants a covering. Lace may be a good compromise.


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