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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hallway Revamp OR How to use up all those old mirrors kicking around in your basement!

Here are some 'before' photos of my long, narrow hallway…

I know you are all thinking that surely this is just a transitional photo, but to my horror, this is EXACTLY (minus ladder and propped mirrors on floor) how this hallway has looked for the last 5 years!!!  

I know it isn't an excuse, but its just so narrow, that there isn't any room for a bench or even a ledge of some kind.  Even sconces would protrude too much.

I'm sure all you stylish ladies and gents would have found some sort of creative way of giving my hall a makeover.  After all, it has such good bones!  Lots to work with!  There is beautiful 18" baseboards, a character filled staircase, and lovely light fixtures, but so blah…

(don't look at the smoke detector wire hanging…just look at the pretty pretty lights)

It was a nice blue coloured hall with a lovely Venetian mirror which was a gift from my late Grand Mother.  IT WASNT EVEN CENTRED ON THE WALL!!!  I wanted it in a stud, so it was off balance.  Who would believe I own at least a HUNDRED HOME DECOR BOOKS!!!!  

I'm ashamed of myself, but I've been sooooo busy!  I mean I shower regularly, I brush my teeth at least 3 times a day, I even cook on occasion!  There is only so many hours in a day!

Anyways (I think I say 'anyways' at least once a post!)I just couldn't take it anymore. My basement had also become the island for misfit mirrors, which I would stumble across at thrift shops or antique shows.  So I NAGGED (I'm not ashamed of that!) my husband for about two months, until he relented!  Up came the mirrors, up came the power drill (I can't touch it, its made of Kryptonite), up came the raw plugs (do they even use this term in North America?), and Voila!!!  One by one, the mirrors were hung!  I was on the look out for some smaller mirrors at the recent antique shows, but could only find one decent mirror at the whole show!   

This is the original Venetian mirror…

My Concave mirror from Craigslist.

This ISNT one of my favourites, and if it was hung anywhere else, it would have probably been painted, but as was trying to stay with a mainly gold theme, so I left it!  The Union Flags were hung to celebrate the Jubilee, but as my husband is Irish, he wasn't thrilled, just tolerant!

This mirror isn't 'old' but was cheap at the Salvation Army (check), and small (check), and gold (check), so up it went!!


This is the mirror I bought at the last antique show.  It is quite pretty and the owner was closing her antique business in favour of a wholesale costume jewelry business, so I got it for almost half price. 

Big Huge round mirror, but it has some of the plaster missing at the bottom.  Chippy, broken, is good isn't it?

Maybe too rustic?  It adds to the eclectacism of the wall, and I ran out of mirrors!!  In fact, I'm still looking for about 2 or 3 more to really fill in the wall.  Its a bit bare it a couple of spots.

See?  You can see the big empty spot over the first mirror on the left.  BIG GAPING HOLE needs me to go antiquing!!!  I'm sorry I don't have a better photo of the 'after', but its so hard to get a good shot without acrobatics!  Anyway (see, I did it again!), I love it and in my humble humble opinion, its much better than before!  Have a great day!

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  1. Okay, I can't find a Google follower link anywhere on your blog, but I'm adding you to my blogroll as your newest follower. I've visited your site before, and do love me a good story to go with the photos, so I've got lots of catching up to do here! I've got several of the same mirrors as you. My motto is "When in doubt, hang a mirror." No excuse for bad hair in our house, since there's a mirror around every corner! Your light fixtures are gorgeous and your mirrored hallway is picture, I mean mirror, perfect. :@

  2. This is Melissa@daisymaebelle.com. I LOVE your mirrors! Mine are just cheap yard sale finds. . . yours are worthy of collecting! They look great!

  3. Wow! I love all the mirrors! I too have a long hallway and thought I was going to just do a gallery wall, but you've given me the inspiration for a gallery of mirrors - it looks amazing!

    Visiting from SNS,

  4. Wow, I want some of those mirrors in my house. Looks great. Visiting from Savy.

  5. I love your wall mirror! What a great idea.

  6. Mirror Mirror you are the fairest of them all! Love the mirror wall.

  7. OMG! Love your mirrors.. . ALL of them! When I saw the name of your blog, I knew immediately where the line came from (sure I'm not the first). A Classic, with so many wonderful lines. Thanks for sharing your mirrors with us. They're just beautiful.

  8. I love your wall of mirrors, they look fabulous in the narrow space and bounce the light (and views) all over the place and best of all, the wall can be added over time, and you can swap out mirrors now and then. However, please please please give that very special Venetian mirror a place of honor all of its own and show case it. That is a VERY SPECIAL mirror and deserves its own shrine, so to speak. One Venetian mirror is worth 1000 of any other mirror for producing shine and sparkle, not to mention verve, uniqueness and class!

  9. Oh I love it. What a great idea and all of your mirrors are fantastic. Hugs, Marty

  10. So many beautiful mirrors!! We appreciate you linking up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Hope you'll come back soon! -The Sisters


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