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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Okay, this has been a loooong summer!  The actual part with the kids being home was great and flew by, but other things happened this summer which really makes me want it over with already!

So this weekend is my hubs bday, and we are having some people over (more than 10, less than 100...somewhere in between), and my very expensive appliances are falling apart.  TODAY.  As in 5 minutes ago!

These were appliances I dreamt of, drooled over and built my kitchen around.  I cut out other important things in our renos so that I could afford these beautiful piles of steaming SH**!!

While they were under warranty, it was bothersome that repairmen ALWAYS had to come, but at least I wasn't paying anything extra for it.  NOW?!?!  

Ladies, if you drool over these, save your money or buy another brand!!!