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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Anyone who knows me (I've hidden it from you) knows I have many many sick loves.  One of my real obsessions is cowboy boots (my 27 yr old always tells me Cowboy boots aren't cool).  Okay, these aren't 'just' cowboy boots.  They are sooooo cool, even if I'm an old 46 yr old female who obviously hasnt fulfilled certain desires in her youth which cause her to gravitate to crazy things, which obviously make her happy and fulfill some unspoken and unidentified (not necessarily in that order) needs!  These my friends, are art.  Yes, they are!  And now (I know you're not supposed to start a sentence with 'and' but sometimes its the only thing that works) they are MINES MINES MINES!!!!  They cost a mint to ship to Canada, with shipping fees, customs broker fees (free trade my big fat Armo vorig!) and duty, and HST (a lovely tax we pay on EVERYTHING, even things not purchased in Canada).  Anyway, since I had to give up my Doctor Who last week to go to a cousins wedding in New Jersey, I ordered these online, and had them shipped to my cousins house!  NO TAX IN NJ!!!! Did the happy dance!  Got them for a pretty good deal on a boot website (about $100 bucks less than a major high end department store has them listed for online)!  Then, in NJ when I put them on, I did more happy happy dancing!!!!  Now they are in my living room on display....


Beautiful, n'est pas?

Goodness, look at the toe detail!  I'm crying their so gorgeous!  Can I even wear these lovelies!  Their too nice to scuff up!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

This weeks finds!!!

Lookie lookie!!  Who says Value Village only has junk!  Sometimes theres treasure, unfortunately the treasure is usually hugely overpriced.  These weren't a 'bargain' but a good price for what they are none the less.  Look at that beautiful periwinkle colour!  Just lovely!  Homer Laughlins Skyline dishes which somebody must have kept for special occasions because there is hardly a scratch on them.  The large platter has a small chip on the back but for $5, I couldn't refuse it, even if just for display.

Isn't this a gorgeous pearlized lucite purse?  I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but I think I got it for a real deal at $5.99!  Its in pretty perfect condition, except for a small discolouration under the silver filigree pattern on the front bottom.  Quite pleased with myself!

So not a techie!!

First of all, I really want to thank The Graphics Fairy for her lovely background and header.  Unfortunately, even with her great instructions, I wasnt able to centre (Canadian spelling) my header, and once I typed the title, I couldnt adjust the size of the font (SIGH!), so although the instructions were very straight forward, I'm just technologically backward!!!  I'm still not sure I like the new header picture with the new background...maybe I'll just leave it for a few days and then tweak it a bit!

What do you think?  Tweak?