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Monday, May 28, 2012

Junk Shop Jewellry Box Makeover

This jewellry box had good bones, really good bones, and it played the theme from Dr. Zhivago!  Unfortunately, it looked like this…

Good bones, but dated finish.  Also, it was very clean and in perfect condition.  I know I overpaid for it, but I go through junk withdrawal here in the winter!  No antique shows in my area all winter long!  I end up buying junk in thrift shops which I would never buy in the summer!  I may have bought this, but not for the price I paid.  BUMMER.  So, I had to give it a makeover.

I got this out…

One coat of paint…

Then, after a second coat of white chalk paint, I added some grey detail and some sanding back to reveal the gold paint underneath…

Then I waxed with clear, then some clear and dark wax combined.  Here is the finished product:

I'm a bit light handed with the dark wax, I don't like dark streaks.  I just want it too have some depth.

Excuse the crooked angle of my shot!  

And look at those gams!!

Sexy or what?

What a transformation, from dated yucky '60s box to nice shabby white box.  I think I'll gift it to my teenage niece, she loves this kind of stuff! 

I have a great china cabinet and sideboard I made over a month ago, but I haven't waxed it yet.  I painted it white chalk paint, but it looked so simple.  I just ordered some beautiful appliqués from California.  When they arrive, I will finish it up and do a nice before/after post on those.  

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  1. Very very cute!!! I like it on the Kath Kidston oil cloth too!! :D


  2. Hi, I love how it turned out. I just bought one similar and I might paint mine too...Connie

  3. Your niece is very lucky to have such a generous auntie. That jewelry box is awesome. It looks like a million bucks now.
    At least you have antique shows in the summer there. they never have them where we live West of Grand Junction, CO, close to UT border. Every place we've ever lived had antique shows, especially Helena, MT and Bowling Green, KY. The antique stores here are few and far between and are not open that often, very disappointing.
    We've been to Canada several times when my husband was trucking, I went with him whenever I could. Your country is really beautiful. I really miss getting to travel that way, hubby has retired since 2004.

  4. This is beautiful. Well done! Happy White Wednesday!


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