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Saturday, May 19, 2012


I love candy!  All sorts of candy (including allsorts!).  I thought I would share some of my recent eye candy with you. 

Firstly. . . I LOVE COWBOY BOOTS!!!!  I live in a suburb of Toronto, and Toronto definitely has an urban flair for fashion.  It also has a strong traditional fashion aesthetic as well.  The prairie aesthetic hasn't hit the Toronto area.  This doesn't bother me my friends, for I am my own person.  Always have been, and feel that I probably always will be, and I LOVE COWBOY BOOTS!!!

Last year I bought these (my first Old Gringos):

I LOVE them (made a funny), and thus cannot possibly wear them!  I know this sounds nuts, but I haven't found the perfect 'worthy' occasion to wear them!  I don't want them wrecked, worn, dirty, dusty, scraped, scratched, stretched, etc. . .  I just look at them, and smile. . . true eye candy!

I thought I should buy a pair of these Old Gringo boots that I would wear.  Possibly ones I didn't love as much!  Now, I know I sound crazy, but surely you must know what I mean?  I bought two more pair over the last six months (some people buy shoes or lipstick, I buy cowboy boots!).  Its difficult to find Old Gringo in Canada, as they are pricey and by the time they get imported into Canada, become even more prohibitively expensive.  So, I bought one pair on sale over the black friday weekend, and bought the other pair just during the Christmas sales.  I purchased them online, and had them sipped to my Aunts house in New Jersey.  I just picked them up last week!!!  I'm so excited about them, but my friends think I'm crazy!  Can you believe it?  My 'city' friends just aren't impressed!  

Here is my second pair of Old Gringos:

How can anyone not LOVE the hearts, roses, wings embroidered front and back onto these beautiful black leather cowboy boots!?!?  Wild thing, you make my heart sing!!

Old Gringo pair 3:

Okay, while they don't have birds, hearts, 'love', peace signs, embroidered on them, aren't they the perfect pair of cowboy boots?  Couldn't you wear these with just about anything?  While these boots are pricey, I will save and scrimp and buy them on sale!  
Now for the Candy Eye Candy.  You see, all candy is eye candy!  Its beauty and sweet sugary goodness speaks to your palate through its sheer colourful goodness!

I bought three of these jars at Homesense for $15 each and filled them with (peanut free and safe) candy!  I used girly pink/pastel candies which while I may not normally eat these candies (except for the jelly beans. . . can't resist those!) they made great jar fillers!  I put them on my dessert buffet on Mothers Day and everyone grabbed some!  My family doesn't even like candy, but they ate them anyway!  Enjoy the eye candy. . .

and. . .

and. . .

Cherry coconut covered marshmallows!!!
Now they sit permanently on my kitchen island. Drives the neighbourhood kids crazy!  They smear their noses on our kitchen door staring at the candy while waiting for my kids to come outside to play.  I usually bag up some as treats for the usual suspects!

Finally, I'll show you the last piece of eye candy.  I know what you are going to think when you see it.  This item, along with the cowboy boot collection, you're going to think I'm extremely tacky!  In my defence, I'm not!  I just like kitsh! 'He' comes out every holiday! Sometimes wearing Santa hats, bunny ears, tiaras!  It depends on the holiday.   Ready for it?

Here he is. . . 'King' of eye candy!!!!

May your life be filled with sweet eye candy, my friends!  Have a great day!

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  1. Those boots are FABULOUS!!! oh my goodness! and those candy dishes are so cute! Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday. Hope to see you again next week! -The Sisters

  2. Oh my, I love your boots!! You need to just wear them and have everyone envious!! I love your candy jars and especially Elvis. What fun!!

  3. Check out those boots one of a kind, fabulous darling just fabulous :)

  4. Your boots are beautiful andi

  5. WHOA....those boots are amazing...and I see a LOT of boots since I live on the plains of WEST TEXAS....:))

  6. Oh... what beautiful boots! I would put them on display in my home as they are a work of art.

    I used to eat candy all the time... until I detoxed my self from it. But I sure love looking at it. Your glass canisters are very pretty with the frosted lettering.

    What is there to say about Elvis... except that I would have like the real one in my kitchen.

    Thanks for sharing at my party last week... sorry I took this long to drop by.

    xoxo Bunny Jean


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