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Friday, May 18, 2012

Busy playing 'Mommy Dearest'

I've been meaning to write, take photos, craft, paint, but have been busy being a 'stage mom' lately. I love writing, even if its not about anything interesting, or no one reads it, because it is quite therapeutic and inspires me on with projects. Its as if writing about things I plan on doing, urges me to get off my big XXXX and do it!

Anyway, this week two of my kids were 'working', and while i titled my post 'mommy dearest', I'm not a mean mommy or a typical stage mom by any means. I mean they don't work that often, and most of the time the pay isn't great, they just have fun and really love doing it!

My daughter was in a Canadian 'chewy bar' commercial last year, which then got played in the US this spring! The US airplay was great, as it has got her college savings going! Then she didn't have any work for 15 months! We still went on a ton of auditions but there are sooooo many cute kids at each one…I would have stopped long ago, but she loves the audition process.  She has fun, and believe me I take it much harder than she does if/when she doesn't get a callback or the job. She brushes it off and said it was fun! I wish I was a kid again!  So last week she was called for an audition for a large North American DIY company.  Two days later, she had the call back, and we were still in traffic when the agent called and said she was on 'hold' and the first choice!  Tuesday she shot the commercial and had a blast!  She met her new 'mommy', a few DIY 'sales associates', and other 'shoppers'.  Its really a maturing process where she learns discipline and control.  As soon as the shoot was done, she said 'That was so much fun, I want to do it again!!'

The very next day my son had his very first job! He doesn't get too many auditions (although he is the cutest kid with shaggy dirty blond hair, green eyes, and character overload) doing a commercial for a Canadian sci-fi channel summer television marathon! We all love Doctor Who, and this is the channel that airs the show here in Canada!  He had so much fun shooting this with his new 'family'!  We can hardly wait till this summer to watch it!

Anyway, today I'm filing papers, cleaning house, groceries (yeah, they want to eat!) but thought I would take a little time to write something about my week, and plan all my big crafty, painting projects for next week!  Its Victoria Day weekend here this weekend and I may hit the Garage sales.  Its not something I normally do, as I don't have too much time, but I just may try my hand at it tomorrow morning!!!

Have a great weekend, and to all Canadians and Brits, have a Happy Victoria Day Weekend!!!!!

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