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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why can't I finish one project before I start another?

I hadn't  even finished my living rooms last corner, before I started the master bedroom!  Well, to be honest, while I'm dying to finish the last corner, that would require emptying and moving the BEAST of an armoire in that corner!!!!

Behold the Beast:

Until I work up the courage  strength to move this armoire, I'm tackling other smaller projects, like painting and redecorating my bedroom!!!

The 'Before' colour was a colour I loved on the paint chip (why does that always always happen!), but wasn't so crazy about it on my walls.  It was pleasant enough, it just didn't 'work' with the look I wanted.  Instead of a serene, cohesive look, the aqua colour just looked 'off'.

Here are some 'Before' pics:

I wanted to paint it nice white, but a bit more greyish white than pure white.  I didn't get any photos of the empty room with the 'After' colour, just a couple of photos after I shifted things back into place.

Here is an 'After' in the little corner near my bed:

I painted the flying pig painting a few years ago, and while Ioved it, it never fit into my home, as the colours didn't go with the more sherbet tones I had my walls painted.  Doesn't it look better with the new colours?  I love it now!  I call this 'Ham Highway'.  

Here is another corner.  The new wall colour looks much more suited to my furniture.

I still have to figure out what to hang over this tallboy.  It looks kind of empty above it.  Maybe a nice old mirror.  Did I ever mention I have about 5 nice old mirrors in my basement just waiting for a wall?  I'm sick sick sick I tell you!  Why do I buy so much old ****!!!!  Because I love it?  See, I'm talking to myself now…

She looks so lonely alone on that wall…She needs a mirror!

Here is my vanity, with a nice assortment of lovely old china!  Unfortunately I had a casualty when rehanging them.  I lost one of my favourite ones…  So sad : (

Okay, so the vanity top requires a little tidy up! 

I can't help using some of the vintage-y filters!  They make everything look so much sweeter, don't they?

Doctor Who seemed to make his way into my bedroom again!!!  I can't seem to hide my love for The Doctor, but my husbands not jealous, so its okay.

My vintage handbag/evening bag collection…another sickness…

Okay, enough of my junk, but I'll end it with a sweet little photo of a really old, lace childs dress.  It got a little more 'holly' after I hand washed it, but in DESPERATELY needed washing, but for $5 including the sweet hanger, I felt it was worth it:

You can't really see the hanger from this photo, but its an old wood hanger, painted green with white roses and dots hand painted on it.  It has such a lovely old patina.  It just makes me smile!

Have a great day!


  1. Nice post! Moonstruck is also my favorite romantic movie. :)

  2. I'm loving your blog so much - and your gorgeous, personality-filled home. My paint rule - no matter how much I LOVE a color, I always (no matter how painful it might be), always pick the shade below it.
    I love color on the walls - I'm on my 3rd house and I've never painted a wall white. I really, really want to...I love the way it looks. I always thought "white" was "white"...choosing a "shade" of white seems so overwhelming. I have no tips for picking white. Your room looks beautiful...I love all of your vintage finds, especially the asymmetrical way you hung the mirrors.
    When you mentioned the mirrors in the basement...my first thought was to hang them above your bed, but it looks like there might be a curtain back there?
    Wow, this is a long comment (I don't get much adult interaction, SAHM)...sorry!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments about my babies. I think it will be really hard when they get "too old" to do certain things (like be seen with their parents :).
    Take care!

  3. I DO know what you meant about not finishing one project before moving on to the next...I am queen of that:) I love the plate collection above your vanity...
    THANKS for the input on my woodwork...we'll see what happens:)...Have a great weekend!

  4. What a fun and playful room. I love the plate wall!


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