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Friday, April 19, 2013

Going out on a limb...

My hubs sent me this today (cause we both think no Kinder eggs in the USA is kinda funny...all things considered), so I felt that I had to share this with you all.

I believe many of you are mothers, and many of my readers are American.  I don't think blogs are a place to preach but I think this poster says it all.  

Have a great day!  I am, I'm eating a kinder...

So, as a mom, tell me, do you want guns or kinder eggs?


  1. Hi Loretta, that is a photo to think about, I am an American ~ I don't believe in assault type guns for anyone but Military & Police... but I do believe in "Our Right to Bear Arms" problem being, they want to take all our guns away & no matter what the bad guys will still get the guns & use them..... btw, what in the world is a Kinder Egg?
    I just found your blog today & enjoying.....

  2. Kind of funny in a sad way - Cheryl ( above ) doesn't even know what a kinder egg is ( and they're everywhere in the world except the States!
    AND btw - I heard they're lifting the ban lol - too many people bringing them across the border from Canada apparently!


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