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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Muskoka Dreaming

When I was in grade 6 (about 10 years ago...Okay, in 1975), a Canadian poet named Madeline Freeman came to our school.  We all had to write a little poem or story and submit it to her.  She then picked 2-3 kids from each class based on their writing.  I was one of these kids.  Over the next month, she tutored us on writing styles (obviously I've forgotten everything!), and helped us work on all types of creative writing. I threw everything out but she kept all our work.  

1979 was declared 'The International Year of the Child' by UNESCO. I was contacted by a publishing company asking permission to publish my poem in a book of poetry written about or by children, to commemorate the Year of the Child.  I was totally gobsmacked, I later found out that Ms. Freeman had submitted my poem.  My poem was called "The last night at camp", and it was about a little girl sad because it was her last night camping with her family.  It was very descriptive and detailed.  I had never been to camp, just dreamt of camp. My poem was based on my deepest desire to go camping with my family...but my parents weren't really camping folk.  Their childhoods were pretty grass roots and rustic so they liked the luxuries that Canada offered them.  They didn't feel the need for 'getting back to nature'.  So, as my family wasn't going to take us camping, I had to imagine it...

My husband and I have gone camping quite a few times (prior to the babies), but I dream of the romantic notion of log cabins and fireplaces and marshmallows!

So last week when I went out 'junking' I came across one of these, I had to get it.

Isn't it gorgeous?  The green stripe is hidden in the folds.  It looks like a Hudson Bay blanket but its not.  The USA has similar blankets by Pendleton I think.  

Its made by Ayers Wool (Canada).  Its in great condition although it does have a couple of teeny holes.

Hanging next to this blanket was not one...

but two of these gorgeous TePee wool blankets by Mohawk.  These are also Canadian.

Talk about feeding my camping dreams!

I guess someone was clearing out their Canadiana blanket stash!  Go figure! 

I've got to find the perfect place to display them.

I think they'll look great next to my vintage red suitcases with the Canadian travel stickers.  Although you wouldn't take suitcases camping...but its best not to over think this!

I've got a great red tartan vintage canteen which would just set the perfect scene...

But, I'm going to put them away for now.  Pack em up real tight because although I love them, I don't want to see any more wool or blankets! I'm sooooo ready for spring! 

Have a great day!  


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  1. Very interesting story revealing your past as a poet! Lovely blankets, great find.


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