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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The post I wrote, deleted, and rewrote ABRIDGED!

Hi all!

I wrote this post a few weeks ago, and went on a total rant!  So I deleted it.  Now I can write it stating 'the facts, just the facts, Mam'.

Last month we went to Disney World for our big Vackay!  Big because when you have a family of five, its pretty darn expensive even if you drive...let me explain...I LOVE THE GRAND FLORIDIAN!  I scrimp and save and stay at the best!  I'm really picky about hotels! So by the time you add the 10 night(!!!!! I know-LOTS!!!!!)of hotel (we had to add one to avoid driving through a snow storm on the way back - such a sacrifice!), meal plan for five, all the Guinness my husband drinks at dinner, park passes, and souvenirs, its way in BIG BIG BUCK category!

I don't really feel too guilty about it though.  We rented our house out for two commercial shoots last fall, and the money from that gets put into my Vackay fund.  Those two commercials completely covered the vacation (except my husbands Guinness!).  

Disney was as spectacular as ever!  My husband and I are quite a jaded pair, but even we enjoy the 'MAGIC OF DISNEY'!  When you see all that they do to make the vacation special for your kids, you can only go along for the ride and scream 'WEEEEEEEEEE'!  Disney really is a must do, even if you have no kids!  

If you know me, you know that one of my kids is severely anaphylactic to peanuts and all treenuts and legumes.  So, eating out is a pain in the BUM! However, Disney accommodates allergic kids, very sensitively!  We love it!  My son loves to feel normal and eat out.  The only thing he can't eat at most Disney restaurants is dessert!  However at the hotels  restaurants they have allergen free packaged cookies (YAYE!).  Anyway we all love it!

The only thing not magical about Disney?????  ESPECIALLY THIS YEAR?!?!?

This was in Frontierland, but they also sell them by the Pirates of the Caribbean, and in Hollywood Studios, etc...

This was really disappointing!  What a way to take the magic out of the kingdom! Come on Disney, take the politics out of the park!

Opinions?  Anyone else care that Disney sells guns?


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