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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I don't know whats up with me lately.  Instead of cleaning my basement and not doing anything else until its done, I'm rearranging the main floor, rejigging my kitchen decor, crafting, etc...you know things that can be done, but should be done LATER.  After all the important, mature, clean up stuff is done.  Instead I've been rejigging every chance I get (you notice I don't say 'reorganizing'...that implies organization...that doesn't happen in my home!). So it LOOKS like the house stuff is getting done, just don't look under the carpet (or in the basement...or in the garage...). Well, I'm kinda cleaning the basement...I'm bringing up stuff I've scored and stored.  I've been scoring and storing in my basement for years!  Some call it hoarding, but we don't use that dirty dirty word around here! Score and store sounds sexy, doesn't it?  I don't sell any of my scores, although I wish I did.  So, what do you do with so much stuff? Store it! I don't need help yet, I mean I can still walk in many parts of my basement!  I don't rent storage facilities yet!  Anyway, so I've kind of been tidying the basement because many of my scores have come up and been displayed (however, many of my old displays have gone down to the basement to be stored). 

I scored this vintage Canada Dry bottle rack two years ago, and stored it in my garage for just as long.  After cleaning the rust as best as I could, I sprayed the rust with clear varnish.  I rubbed some of the bare, really rusty bits with watered down chalk paint in old white. I cut cardboard to fit the shelves, then lined them with Cath Kidston green star oil cloth.

The collection of vintage rolling pins used to be displayed in my bread box, but now call the upper shelf home.  That upper shelf looks like it could hold at least 5 more, don't you think? I'll get back on the hunt!

Then some of my scored and stored primary colour pyrex came up, along with my vintage wood egg cups, and glass bake cups (I love those!).

So, as there was only a lavender stool here, I managed to clear out my garage and basement quite a bit!  Patting myself on the shoulder now!
I scored and stored this canister set a year ago.  It broke my heart that I didn't have any room to display it in my kitchen! So, I did a little rejigging, and up it came!  This little tin fridge used to be on the chair.  Now I just display it underneath.
I know its a toy, but its so cute! Look inside!
The freezer used to open, but its now jammed. My nine year old daughters best friend keeps hinting that she 'loves it' and would just 'die to get it'.  Well back off sister!!!!  Its mine all mine!!!

Anyway I promised my husband I would go back to the basement tomorrow and not come back up until I had cleaned it up completely and totally!  Well, at least until it was time to cook dinner! Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. This post is why I need to paint my kitchen white..or at least off-white. All those lovely vintage treasures in happy greens and reds and blues and pink! I love everything about this post!!!! You better keep your doors locked at night. Minnesota is pretty darn close to Canada. :@

  2. I love your displays! I have tons of Pyrex & other vintage kitchen goodies, but very little display room.

    Visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

  3. Good luck! I always mean well, but tend to bring stuff up even when I take a load down. Shuffle, shuffle! :)

  4. Keep your eye on the little fridge, that's just too cute!

  5. LOVE your Canada Dry rack!! And I love your 'score and store' phrase instead of that other word that is happening in my basement-ha!
    I'd love you to visit and say hi :)

  6. What a wonderful find! I love the Canada Dry rack and how you displayed the rolling pins on it. All your other treasures look absolutely amazing on it too! Great idea. I love your beautiful collection of antiques!


  7. you have so many fun things! I love that Canada Dry rack! And that bread box is awesome! Fun collections!!

  8. Hello! Oh, that bottle rack is fantastic! and all the things you display there...lovely!
    Hoarding??? No, I think you are speaking about collecting!!! that is a very nice word, isn't it?
    Besos, Silvina
    PS: I love your little fridge too


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