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Monday, November 26, 2012

Whew its been a while!

I can't believe how long its been since my last post!  Well, actually I can.  Its been eating me up, because I've been itching to blog, but my computer was busted.  Not really busted, just that my memory on my little MacBook Air was all full!  I couldn't download any more photos.  Bummer!  I actually didn't know that was the problem, until the 'genius' told me that he couldn't believe how many photos (of crap ... he didn't say it, but I knew he was thinking it...)I had on my computer.  They told me I had to get another hard drive and download my iPhoto onto that. Finally did it, and I can download photos now, but its still not quite right...Needless to say I have another appointment with the genius bar...Good news is that I was finally able to download some photos!

Anyway, I've been busy busy busy (mostly cause I'm inefficient!) since my last post.  A large Canadian hardware/automotive chain shot one of their Christmas commercials in my kitchen, which involved removing my dining table and building a huge fake gingerbread house in its place:

That same day,my youngest child was in her first Feis, an Irish dance competition!  She is just beginner level, but she received a third place medal for the light reel (jig?)...bad mommy! You can see she is still wearing it in the Gingerbread house photo.

My oldest son was cast as a head elf in an ereader Christmas commercial.  He looked adorable but looked more like a hobbit than an elf (soooo adorable).

I started decorating for Christmas:
Elvis with his elves!
Some of my favourite Japanese Christmas ornaments.

I made a chalk board (you can just see it peeking out from behind the snowman) but havent written on it yet.

I also bleached and dyed bottle brush trees.  I had to use food colour as they have stopped selling rit dye anywhere in the Toronto area! Then I sprayed them with glitter spray, and they look wonderful!

Aren't the colours beautiful?  I loved the white ones too, so I kept a few undyed.  It wasn't as simple as the tutorials I read.  There were a couple of blips along the way.  Like the first bag of trees I bought weren't Lemax, but a Walmart brand.  They didn't work.  They just wouldn't bleach out, regardless of how long I left them in the bleach!  Also, the Lemax trees did bleach, but some of them the tips and branch ends turned blackish...don't know why. Anyone know why it does this?

Oh yeah!  I hung up another four mirrors on my wall of mirrors!  We bought all the new mirrors from our weekend at Niagara on the Lake last week.  One of my favourite mirrors, was broken at the ornamental crown, but I liked it anyway!  So this is what I did:
See the broken piece on the left hand side photo?  I wrapped it in vintage lace, and attached it with a vintage broach.  Its so lovely! My husband thought I was nuts buying it, but the etched mirror was too pretty to pass up!

Now that my computer is working again, I will be blogging more frequently again!  I missed it. Ciao for now!


  1. I've been looking for more vintage elves, but now I can quit looking. You've got all of them!! Your trees turned out fabulous- thanks for the tips. I'll refer back here if I get around to making any this year.

    Yes, indeedy, you HAVE been busy. :@

  2. Your trees turned out wonderful!! I did the exact same tree-whoops as you did. Tried the Walmart brand and nada. The Lemax ones bleached out so fast it was a shock! Your food colouring trick worked wonderful... I may attempt the same. No nice colours of Glimmer Mist at our Michaels and for $11.99 a crack, I don't think so. Love all of your elves and your mirror fix is perfect. Double check your home security system in case Vickie dons her cat burgling outfit tonight and comes for your elves! :)


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