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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Country Livings Blackberry Vodka Recipe

Last year we attended my sister in laws wedding in Halifax, England.  It was on September 12th and I'm sure it was the hottest sunniest day of the year (or so the locals swore)!  It really was a gorgeous day and a lovely wedding, and a really wonderful time spent with all of my husbands family both from England and Ireland.  I wont drone on and on about my trip, especially as it wasnt 'perfect' from a truly selfish standpoint.  We hadnt rented a car, and my husband wouldnt get on the train to go to York so we didnt get to a Cath Kidston store.  I know its selfish, but I'd crossed the Atlantic Ocean, was one train ride to go shopping that taxing?  APPARENTLY.  Hmm...

Anyway, on the flight back I bought a Country Living magazine (I think...could've been another UK Country magazine but I'm pretty sure it was CL), and it had a great Blackberry Vodka recipe:

  • one part blackberries
  • one part sugar
  • one part vodka
Thats it!  Mix all in an airtight bottle or jar.  Gently shake, or tip bottle upside down a few times, over the next few days until all the sugar has disolved, leave in a dark place, and forget about it for TWO MONTHS!!  That my friends was the hardest part of the whole thing!   Then you drain and eat the boozy berries (too strong for me), and keep the vodka in a clean bottle for ANOTHER MONTH.  Then you enjoy!  I'm only two weeks away from "enjoying"!!!!

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