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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reverse Antique Dealing

Okay, I know the point of opening up a booth at an antique mall is to SELL your junk stuff, but I think I'm doing it wrong.   I mean I am selling some stuff, although not as much case goods as I'd like.  However it seems every time I go to drop off new merchandise...I bring a bunch home with me!  The other dealers must just love me!  I bought a great old Neilsons chocolate school map for a song!  Sorry, no pix of that yet.  

I did take photos of what I bought on my last trip...all this for less than $20!  Quite a bit less, actually! 

I don't know how the dealers in this mall do it, or where they buy their stuff so cheap!  You couldn't get this stuff off craigslist or thrift stores at these prices!

Just look at these gems!

Gem #1:
A vintage suitcase with leather trim, in pretty good condition! Its from a Toronto company, and numbered too!  

Gem #2:
A lovely old aluminum Flour tin.  It may have a couple of little dings, but its lovely none the less!  It would make a great receptacle for all the aluminum pop can tabs which end up in my Kitchen.  The kids collect them for school fundraising, so they are all over the place all year long!  Now they have a great big Aluminum home to store them in until its time for them to go in.

Sweet, huh?

Gem #3:
Okay, this was almost a freebee!  What a great way to hold pens, pencils, kitchen remotes.

I tell my husband that I'm paying my rent, and covering the cost of my merchandise...and $20 a week on fun finds is no biggee, right?  I mean I think its give and take...I take some stuff out of my house and sell it, and I bring some stuff back (as long as its less that what I remove, we're all okay!).

Have a great week!!

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  1. You've got it absolutely right! I'm afraid I'd be in a deep, deep hole if I had a booth in an antique mall. :)

  2. Hello! Ha ha, you made me laugh! I understand you, it would be something similar for me.
    All great finds... that suitcase is wonderful.
    Good luck with your booth (and your shopping).

  3. As long as it helps support the junk "habit". At least that's what I tell myself. I really love that suitcase you found.



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