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Friday, June 28, 2013

Cheap and Cheery Curtains

Last week my husband went to London for his brother's 50th birthday party.  It was a big family get together and he wasn't going to let the Atlantic Ocean get in his way!  I never try to talk him out of a trip to the UK because while I'll miss him, I know I get lots of loot!

He knows me sooooo well!  He brought me an assortment of yummy different chocolates, and 9 Kg of bonbons I had ordered from a wholesale company ahead of time and had shipped to my BOL house.  "My name is Loretta and I have a problem..."
I'm SERIOUS about my candy!!

I also sent him to the local Cath Kidston shop.  While I don't need any more Cath K stuff, cause I'm begining to get diabetes from all the sweet prints I have bought over the years...I just couldn't resist!  

I wanted to change my old kitchen curtain.  I had red and white stripe tea towels (my kitchen curtain of choice) hanging from tension rods and clip rings.  I bought these to use at Christmas time, but as they aren't really Christmasy and because I'm lazy, I'd left them up. 

1.  Since my hubs was in England...
2.  Since Cath K just started her summer sale...
3.  Because a set of two tea towels was on sale for 8 pounds...

I sent him shopping!  They didn't have the prints I wanted, so my hubs sent me photos of what they had and I picked 6 sets of these:

Set 1:
Print One

Print Two
Set two
Print One

Print Two

Each set has two different prints, so I needed 6 sets for three windows.

From the photos my husband sent, I loved both sets and felt I could use all of them as curtains over time.  I'm not wasting these babies on drying dishes! 

When they arrived, while I liked both sets, I LOVED the first set! Why would I go for classy when I can pick kitch?  I'm one classy kitch!

These are definitely cheery, and if you figure 8 pounds x 6 sets = 48 pounds which approx = 100 USD (EEEEK not so cheap you may be thinking), but if you figure thats for TWO different sets of curtains...thats only $50 for the 3 windows, so they are kind of cheap and very very cheery!!!!  Yes, this is definitely how my brain works.  Creative math, no punctuation, rationalization without logic, Yes thats me!  

Look at how cute the details of these tea towels are:

So I now love my new curtains and have saved the rest of the tea towels in my Cath K stash. 

I've been reinvesting most of the money I've made from my antique booth into new/more furniture to paint/sell, but I had to buy myself a little English treat!!  I ordered these online from a Canadian supplier:

How cute are these???  I can hardly wait for fall!!!  Only kidding!!!  

Have a great day, and may it be cheap and cheery!


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  1. Oh I love your curtains. How fun and the boots are fabulous too. Hugs, Marty

  2. I LOVE your new curtains and I love the way you think! Fun boots, too!

    I cannot wait to get rid of the orange color of my kitchen walls so I can put my kitch back in my kitchen. I'll have to steal it back from daughter number 2, but that's our little secret.

  3. They look fab - what a great idea. You've got me thinking I might be able to do something similar on my kitchen window which still needs dressing.

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive - we're focused on curtains, drapes & blinds this week, Alice @ Mums Make Lists


  4. I love the first set too; very kitchen-like! But aside from the design, I like the color, too. May it be window curtains or cupboards, bright colors like orange, yellow and yellow green are perfect colors for kitchen or dining room to stimulate an appetizing meal.

  5. I love that print. What a great idea to use tea towels for curtains!

  6. I'm kind of wondering why it's only hung on half of your window. Is it because the curtains are too short or it's really supposed to be that way? I guess I just can't imagine the whole picture. Anyway, good choice, on the yellow one, Loretta! Indeed, it has a lovely print and very apt for the kitchen. Merrill @ LoveYourWindows.com

    1. Hi Merrill, they are café style curtains, which only cover the bottom half for privacy while allowing the light to come in. My Mother doesn't like café style as she thinks they don't give you enough privacy, but my yard is pretty private.

  7. I love your windows and curtain combination! :)

    Greetings from 303 Windows in Denver


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