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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So last week I rented a trailer thingy and my neighbour hitched it to her husbands SUV, we filled it with all the furniture I had ready, and off to the antique mall we went!

I have half the room.  Most of the window, and to the left is mine.  Its about 6' x 12' long, but big enough for lots of furniture!

Its still pretty sparse.  We unpacked the case goods, rearranged it all, and tried to stage it with whatever smalls I had brought with me that day.

We eventually screwed knobs on and took the paper off the mirror!

I love this blue table and chair set!  I painted it in the Louie Blue ascp and was going to outline the chair details with old white but when I distressed, the details were so pretty as is, that I just left it alone.  Wax was all it needed.

See what I mean, sparse!  I went back the next day with more smalls, but the room just sucked them up! It was as if my trunk load of smalls just disappeared in the room!

Fan is not an antique, and not for sale!

I love the Cath Kidston paper that I lined the cabinet with.  I bought a couple of rolls back from England with me a few years back and still use it (sparingly to make it last).

The best part of this antique mall? The very authentic English pub down the road.  My husband was beside himself with joy when he found out they have THREE different beers from Ireland!!

I'm much more a home made fish and chips girl myself!

I'll have to not make a habit of it though!

I'm so excited about getting this booth! I don't know why I didn't do something like this sooner!  I went back on Monday (as its an hour away from my home) to bring in chenille bed spreads, and my big dresser/mirror had sold!  Yippee!!  Now I'm looking for another couple of dressers to paint ... Oh joy!  I can feed my habit without guilt now!


  1. Oh, I wish I lived closer!! The cupboard with the CK wallpaper is divine as well as the smaller white cabinet. And did you say chenille bedspreads, too? Sigh.

    You are going to sell out in no time at all. You better get out and find more stuff!

  2. Congratulations Loretta!!!
    I have that identical little table ( not the chairs though - have to look for some now )
    Everything looks so beautiful :)


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