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Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Wire Art

It seems that when I go to an antique show, I see the same item at many different dealers.  It makes me wonder if they all went to the same estate sale!  Well this post isn't about antique shows (because I'm too sad to even think about them - There's a dry spell from October to May for antique shows in Toronto).  Its about crafting!  I just made my wire heart wreath this week, when lo and behold, I was flipping through the french Marie Claire Idées magazine where they showed a paper mache wire branch with a bird cage...
Ok, so the stem is a bit thicker, and green, but other than that...
After making the heart, I was eager to try something else.  This was so much fun. 

At first I made it with a red bird, but didn't like it.  So I changed it for one made with sheet music patterned wrapping paper.

I had the book page flowers left over from the heart wreath, and I punched a few pale yellow ones for layering. Page leaves were also paper maché'd onto the stems. I also punched a few butterflies.

Oops, you can see the hot glue gun string hanging off the butterfly!

Its blizzarding here!! I hate winter!  Keep warm!



  1. That is just beautiful!!! Love it - may have to try that!

  2. Adorable! I was just viewing a Pinterest board filled with wonderful wire art. Now I'll never find it again.


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