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Monday, December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas to All!!

I wanted to do a post about Christmas, and show some of the non crazy Christmas decorations I have around my house...but we had a commercial shoot again here on December 12th...starring this famous Canadian pastry Chef (who was born in Georgia, USA):

She was gracious enough to autograph her newest cookbook for me, even though she was feeling under the weather.  Anyway, all the Christmas decorations I had put up before December 12th had to come down, as this is a series of early spring commercials.  So a few days after they left, all the decor had to go back up (felt like ground hog day), then the Sandy Hook School shooting happened.  I was so completely depressed about that, that I was actually unable to do anything as frivolous as decorate for a week.  Now I'm running around frantically decorating, cooking, and washing up for tomorrow!  Those lousy elves went on strike!  

With SH still on my mind, and being a bit upset at the second amendment, I felt I had to mention the arbitrary nature in which safety for our children is determined.  Who makes up these rules? Why are certain things deemed unsafe and deadly while others (guns) are considered a right?

We were sitting at Swiss Chalet finishing off our lunch. We had brought our neighbours daughter with us, who happens to be a good friend of our kids.  After lunch, they bring you a Kinder Surprise egg, and she mentioned how she can't take them to Long Island when she visits her family.  I told her that you aren't allowed to take them into the United States, and that they will be confiscated, and you will be fined!  Why?????  Because they are dangerous and deadly!!!!

Friends south of the border, please don't be angry with me when I say this, but PLEASE write to your congressman, demand legislation to protect our kids.   Your government thinks you and your children cannot be trusted with these eggs, and that  possibly you are not literate enough to read that these have small parts that shouldn't be given to children under three.  THEY ARE BANNED.  Yet, we are yet to agree that guns kill people.  I'm not politically natured, but I am a mother of four beautiful children.  Even if you are pro second amendment, please fight for stricter regulations.  Enough of my tirade.  I am still planning that Christmas post, maybe in the wee little hours, while we wait for Santa to pop down our...ummm...don't have a chimney...  

Merry Christmas to all!  Whatever you celebrate, may you have a wonderful holiday, and may the new year bring us all Health, Happiness, and Success!

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  1. That's so funny. My Kinder eggs were confiscated on the border as well! I promised my husband I wouldn't take, but I thought nothing of our Kinder....sure enough illegal. Taken. Right in front of the kidlles!! Bummer!!


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