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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No Disrespect Intended


So a couple of months ago I was perusing a British Decor magazine (I rush to our local bookstore whenever the new stash of UK decor magazines arrive!  Its my drug of choice), I saw a celebrity home which was really quite interesting.  She had a rug of this 16P Queen stamp on her wall.  I loved it so much, and said to myself 'Hey Self, I bet you could paint that!'  After my conversation with myself, I rushed into our basement which is more like a storage facility, and pulled out a large framed canvas I had stashed.  I went to our local HD and bought my artists medium of choice in various shades of pink (latex wall paint, to be exact), and began  my descent into madness...for two months...

I started out by painting the 16P stamp painting of the queen.  Since I can never be satisfied with 'one' of anything, I wanted to paint another...but how could I complicate it further????  I know, I'll flip it and paint a gas mask on the  Ol' Girl (again, I say this with love, no disrespect to the Queen).  Let me explain, we love Dr. Who in this house, and my kids favourite episode is when an alien wearing a gas mask appears and a little boy walks around asking people 'are you my mummy?' before he kills them (or something like that).  So, what better than combining my love of the Queen (its a sad affliction I have) with my kids love of  'the doctor'.  Hence, this is how the second painting came about.  My kids ADORE this photo especially.  I cant seem to download the in progress photos of my paintings, but here they are, proudly hanging over our living room couch, in all their regal glory!

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