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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doctor Who Love

Oh yeah, you heard me right, its Doctor Who LOVE! I dont know what it is about DW I love so much!  My little brother would make me watch it when we were kids, and I resented him, the show, and all their  cheesy sets.  I hated all their 'costumed aliens' but I also hated the 'costumed aliens' on Star Trek, so its not like I was being selective in my sci fi dislike.  As I got older and the years passed, I forgot all about the good Doctor.
One day I met and married the LOML and he was born and raised in London.  His favourite show growing up was also DW, so when about 7 years ago (forgive me all you real Whovians for not knowing exactly when it was recreated...) they restarted the program, we were hooked.  I am a sucker for English accents I guess...
My 8 year old daughter clenches the throw pillows to her face in fear but insists she can handle it!  My 9 and 10 year old boys have lively debates about the story lines, and my 27 year old daughter (screen writer by trade) sings its praises constantly.
I've been trying to figure out why its so wildly popular with our family (and all of England, Canada and I think many Americans are discovering it...).  Not only are the newer Doctors extremely charming and charismatic, their companians are unlike American counterparts in TV shows.

Christopher Eccleston, was a charming and serious Doctor.  David Tennant replaced him, and while he was extremely charming, I just couldnt get past his extremely good looking face, voice, personality, glasses, suits, coats and high cut chucks.  He got a bit melodramatic when he was regenerating and he knew he was dying (although they dont really die, but sometimes they change their body, its complicated...) he was going to leave the show.  All actors are allowed to have some fun, and David had fun with it!  I mean a 900 year old time lord who thinks he's dying and goes and visits all the people who meant something to him (over the last 3 years) has a right to be sad, and revel in his sadness.  In fact, David convinced me that he was the one and only Doctor.  I was sure his replacement (Matt Smith) could never be The Doctor!  He was just a funny/awkward looking kid!  OMG was I wrong!  Even in his regeneration from David to Matt, he did it with the perfect humour and sweetness that made me believe in him!  All his 'timey wimey' sweetness and innocence (kind of) is just endearing enough to make you believe in time lords and tardises.

While most of his companions have been attractive women, they have not been perfect Barbies.  Rose, while blonde and cute, was shortish with buck teeth.  She also had the most perfect mother!  Actress Jackie Tyler was incredibly adorable as the kinda crass, maybe slightly white trash brit.  All blonde teased hair and bold makeup.  She was so much fun!  Martha was...Ok she was kinda perfect and I'm not saying anything else about it.  Donna was so perfect to me, a sassy opinionated real woman.  Catherine Tate, WE ALL LOVED YOU AS DONNA.  Now we have Amy, while extremely cute and sassy, she is married to Rory.

As if Matt Smith wasnt adorable enough, now they have Alex Kingston in the cast.  While I usually dont like Alex Kingston (sorry, dont like curly haired women ...  I have a huge mass of curly hair myself, so its okay for me to say that), she is just so good at her job!

The reason for this long rant about Doctor Who?  It was memorial day in the USA last weekend, and BBC America didnt show the scheduled Doctor Who!  And while I love Canada, we are just too dependent on our Souther neighbour for our programing!!  I missed my DOCTOR WHO last week and I'm bitter bitter bitter!  To squeeze a lemon on my bitterness, I'm going to NJ for a wedding next Saturday, so I wont be able to catch the episode I missed last week because I'll be 'having fun' at my cousins wedding!  I just know I'm going to be so bitchy that night...


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