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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Updating My Tea Cup Shelf

A few months ago when I painted my tea trolley a light green colour 'in this post' I loved it.

Then it made my tea cup shelf look too dark.  So I thought I'd freshen it up.  The only photo I could find is the partial one above.

Anyway, out came the white and old white ASCP and the leftover green/white mix from the tea trolley.

Base coat of pure white, followed by crackle medium, old white, and then clear and dark wax mix.  

Its a light crackle, but it still adds a lot of texture and depth to the white finish.

The teacups look nicer with the green back ground too. 

So, now that its painted a lighter colour I'm happy. I can sleep at night again. At least until the wall colour bugs me enough to paint the room!

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  1. Ha! I know just what you mean. You start painting one thing and before you know it, the whole house needs a makeover!

    I love your vintage green tea cart and the fresh new look on your teacup shelf!

  2. Love it! The green is perfect and just makes your tea cups "pop". Great job, thanks for sharing. Visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

  3. Great job!
    I like it a lot, and it matches perfectly with the tea trolley.
    Besos, Silvina.
    Ah! Lovely teacups...

  4. Love the Green and the white:)


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