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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now that I have found a new love (Tea), I'm pondering what I should do with this vast body of knowledge I now possess (Heavy sarcasm here).   Should I open a shop?  I want a tea room, but the cost of the kitchen alone is prohibitive...  All I know is I want to be doing something with tea.  Look at that lovely cup of Silver Needle white tea.  So many people would over steep it, use boiling hot water, mix it with 'flavours', do all kinds of things which would hide the subtle fruity flavour of this delicate tea.  It should be savoured, alone, with a good book or a nice view.  Thats it.  No crumpets, no sandwich.  It stands on its own, and has to be enjoyed that way so as not to overpower this lovely drink.

I'm not saying 'I've seen the sign' and want to show people 'the way'.  Well, maybe I am.  I want to show people how and why they should drink tea.  Want to know why?  Because a year ago, I would have bought a plain bag of tea, or maybe been thrilled at a nice fruity/flowery blend at a tea shop.  Now I want to savour a leaf.  Prepared in a specific manner to produce a specific flavour.  The way its been done and appreciated for generations in China.  A way which has just reached me this year.  And, yes, I guess I want to spread the word.

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