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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Oh my,

Well its been a while since my last post...

I baked a tonne of stuff for the kids bake sale (actually, I baked everything for the bake sale) as I guarantee peanut/treenut free and a peanut treenut environment (due to my son being anaphylactic, my home could be certified).  That was a huge success due to my handy piping bag.  Funny that if you pipe icing on anything, it elevates it to 'professional' level.  Thank you George Brown College for teaching me how to pipe!

Then, we drove down to Florida (Disney World to be exact) for 8 nights of luxury and good peanut/treenut free cooking at the Grand Floridian - Thank you so much, Chef Tim and crew at the Grand Floridian Cafe.  It was HOT HOT HOT!  Coming from Canada where we do actually have very hot summers (in Toronto), this heat was unbearable!  I mean we would leave our hotel room at 8 a m and be dripping sweat before we got to the monorail!  Regardless, it was fun, and thanks to Mr W. Disney, Epcot (experimental prototype community of tomorrow) serve beer that you can walk around with...so I learned to appreciate the merits of beer.  Especially the beer in the England  pavillion, (which could be purchased with fish and chips cooked in canola oil - so the whole family could partake in my guilty pleasure). 

No antiquing on our trip although it tugged at my heart strings.  My kids are too young to appreciate it, and there was absolutely NO ROOM IN OUR CAR FOR ANYTHING besides a box of poptarts!  You Americans have the best poptart flavours!!  We bought ice cream sunday and cookies and cream!  WOW, the kids had to wrestle me for them!  I dont even like cookies, but these poptarts were insane!

I dont know if I mentioned how much I love Disney.  Mr Disney, or whoever runs Disney World, and makes it possible for all kids (even those with severe allergies) to have a good time, and fit in, and eat what they like!  It truly was a magical experience for my family (two years now).  Its the only vacation where we didnt have to stay in a room with a kitchen, and me do the cooking.  CHEF TIM, I LOVE YOU !!!! 

At every meal, the chef comes out and speaks to the allergic child and cooks for them!  I mean it!  Liam feels right at home in this hotel.  Even at the parks, they sell prepackaged peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which are snackables, and no cross contamination can occur because they arent made on site.  They have Divvies and Enjoy Life products which cater to many of the top allergen sufferers.  We drive down so we can splurge on The Grand Floridian, and the meal plan is honestly pretty affordable - you would probably have to spend near to that just eating at McDonalds 7 nights a week! 

As my Armenian ancestors from the village of Ourfa would say...

I want to kiss Walt Disneys mother (loosely translated of course)!!

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