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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well its so hard to write the very first post on a blog.  I feel that to write a blog, you would have to be contributing something to someone, or providing inspiration, humour or information which people find useful...thats a lot of pressure! 

If I can figure it out, I'll be posting a picture of my latest project.  I made a union jack cushion which looks smashin Guvna!  My husband who's British just loves my fake cockney accent.  I dont know why, but I've loved union flags for a very long time, but have recently started making union jack paintings, and now this cushion.  I know their trendy now, but my love of them has preceded the trend.  My Hub thinks I married him for his accent...

Anyway the cushion is now finished, but it is incomplete in the photo.  Let me know what you think.

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  1. Hello..wanted to say hello and welcome to Blogland..........I've been admiring your beautiful granny blankie, oh-so-pretty indeed!!
    Stick with it, a finished blankie is soooooooooo much better than a WiP :o)


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