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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Greetings from The Crack Capital of North America!

We're not all crack heads here in Toronto, but all this scandal has been effecting us...

So,since I've been staying awake so much,I've been painting my little heart out!

I think I showed you the before photos of the great table and chair set I bought this summer:

Sorry for the bad photo, its off my computer screen.  Isn't it a gorgeous set?  

Last week I sold a sideboard I had taken into my booth, and I needed something big to fill the space.  So I felt that maybe this lovely kitchen set would look great in someones home in time for Christmas!

I would have sanded and refinished the top, but I don't like to do heavy duty sanding in my home.  My little kiddies are prone to asthma, and old varnish dust can't be good for anyone to breath in.  So, I just ASCPed it all over!  

I actually prefer the look of painted tops, but like the maintainability of an unpainted surface.

Here are the during and after pix:

Here are the painted, distressed but unwaxed photos.

Then the magic of wax...

Okay, you may not see the 'magic' but believe me the depth and sheen the wax provided really was magical in real life!  I'll have to pull out the old camera next time...(instead of my handy iPhone).

TADA!!!  Here it is, all painted, waxed, and at the booth!  Isn't it lovely?  Can't you just imagine it with small boxwood wreaths tied onto the back of each chair?  A Simple white and green Christmas?

I swear, some pieces you know you are going to regret selling, and this table is one of those pieces.  I love the legs!  How many tables/chairs does one family need? 

Anyway, I found some really neat pieces this week, some of which may not make it to the booth cause their are too hard to give up...


Isn't this old wicker/rattan/straw (?)purse totally a keeper?  Its gorgeous!  I'm thinking its not old enough for the handles to be bakelite, but its still pretty old and pretty gorgeous...my precious...

I found this great Fransiscan ware teapot/teacups this week, and while they are lovely, I have probably over a hundred tea cups at home!  Off to the booth!

And all this was in one lot at an online auction.  Everything else I bid on was way overpriced, but I managed to nab this lot for under $15 including the taxes and fees! Look at that bench and old crock (5 gallon from Medicine Hat Alberta)!

As you can imagine, my crap junk treasures were in the garage, and very icky (spider webs, dirt, crud, etc...) so when I asked them if they had any paper towel (the people running the pick ups) they said that if I found any cloths, etc...in the garage, I could use them as everything in the garage was going to be thrown out...


One mans garbage ...

I got a large wooden ladder that couldn't be sold as it had a repair, and a bucket full of spindles...FOR FREE!!!  

This load was worth spider webs and crud!  Anyways, this has probably been one of my best scores evah!

Hope you all have a great evening :)

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  1. I'm going to be laughing at the photo and quote by the cat all day! hehe

    The table and chairs turned out fantastic and I have a feeling they are going to be a quick sale. I'd love to shop your booth if I lived closer!

  2. Vickie sent me over for a giggle... he he. So sorry about your mayor.

    Love the table and chairs. Wish I lived closer too... I think Vickie's actually closer but I'm closer to Medicine Hat. :)

  3. Great job! The table and the chairs look fantastic now and your booth looks lovely.
    That bench is great, excellent finds.
    Besos and congratulations!

  4. I've never tried my hand at painting a large piece of furniture. I think I've over researched and confused myself!

    Thanks for coming by my blog and admiring my wreath!
    I was really scared to make it but since most of the bulbs were just cheap and plain, I wasn't too worried.
    I can't imagine making one with antique ornaments!

  5. Wow, you nabbed some great things for cheep...Heck a few spiders doesn't stop a good junker! That table is gorgeous and just the right size!



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